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QBI 23/07/19 11:00 QBI Level 7 Auditorium Professor Ville-Petteri Makinen Time-series metabolomics and integrative genomics of age-associated complex diseases QBI Delete | Edit | Detail
Cell Biology Forum 24/07/19 09:00 Large Seminar Room Pranesh Padmanabhan Nanoscale organisation of the synapse in health and disease Adam Wall and Srikanth Budnar Delete | Edit | Detail
QBI Neuroscience Seminars 24/07/19 11:00 Level 7 Auditorium QBI Professor Alice Pebay NHMRC Senior Research Fellow Modelling neurodegeneration using patient induced pluripotent stem cells Deirdre Wilson Delete | Edit | Detail
Division of Genetics and Genomics Seminars 25/07/19 11:00 Level 3 Large Seminar Room Tania Da Silva Duarte Deep Sequencing of Microbial Communities in Cystic Fibrosis Airways. (M2) Sally Mortlock & Jian Zeng Delete | Edit | Detail
SBMS Seminar Series 29/07/19 13:00 QBI Auditorium, Level 7 Professor Livia Hool Using patch clamp electrophysiology to elucidate the molecular mechanisms for the induction of arrhythmias Dr Melissa Reichelt Delete | Edit | Detail
Biological Sciences Seminar Series 02/08/19 11:00 Room 139 Goddard Dr Elizabeth Dun Long-distance flowering signals regulate shoot branching in pea Dr Abigail Pastore Complex species interactions regulate selection due to drought in semi-arid annual plants Megan Craig Delete | Edit | Detail
SBMS Seminar Series 05/08/19 13:00 QBI Auditorium, Level 7 Dr Anne Conibear Protein regulation at atomic resolution: Insights into protein posttranslational modifications using NMR spectroscopy Niwanthi Rajapakse Delete | Edit | Detail
SBMS Seminar Series 12/08/19 13:00 QBI Auditorium, Level 7 Dr Marta Portela Esteban Glioblastoma cells vampirize WNT from neurons and trigger a JNK/MMP signaling loop that enhances glioblastoma progression and neurodegeneration Associate Professor Dominic Ng Delete | Edit | Detail
Special Guest Speaker: Dr Adam Rose 20/08/19 10:00 3.142 Large Seminar Room, Building 80 IMB Dr Adam Rose Dietary protein restriction and metabolic health: outcomes and mechanisms" Associate Professor Frederic Gachon Delete | Edit | Detail
IMB Friday Seminar Series 30/08/19 12:30 QBP Auditorium Professor William Lubell From a CH to N swap to therapeutic prototypes to treat macular degeneration; modulation of the cluster of differentiation-36 receptor using azapeptides mediates macrophage-driven inflammation Dr Karl Hansford Delete | Edit | Detail
IMB Friday Seminar Series 27/09/19 12:30 QBP Auditorium Professor Christian P. R. Hackenberger The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein-conjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting Dr Christina Schroeder Delete | Edit | Detail