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QBI Neuroscience Seminar 27/06/18 11:00 QBI, Level 7 Auditorium A/Professor Mathew Blurton-Jones Using Human iPSC-derived Microglia and Chimeric Mouse Models to Study Alzheimer's Disease Deirdre Wilson Delete | Edit | Detail
IMB Chemistry and Structural Biology Division Seminar 28/06/18 12:30 Seminar Room 3.142, QBP Bldg 80, UQ St Lucia Dr Weijun Xu How do small molecule bacterial antigens modulate mucosal T lymphocytes? Dr Volker Herzig Arachnid venoms for targeting parasitic worms and insects Professor David Fairlie Delete | Edit | Detail
Genomics of Development and Disease (GDD) Seminar Series 28/06/18 11:00 Large Seminar Room Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne Widespread associations between grey-matter structure and the human phenome Kazuhide Okuda top3a and ddx21 is essential for the expansion of the lymphatic vascular lineage from a limited progenitor pool Meredith Redd Delete | Edit | Detail
IMB Seminar Series 29/06/18 12:30 QBP Auditorium, Bld 80 A/Prof Allison Pettit Bone and marrow resident macrophages regulate both hematopoietic and skeletal health and regeneration Professor Matt Sweet Delete | Edit | Detail
IMB Friday Noon Seminar 06/07/18 12:00 QBP Auditorium Prof. Melissa Little A view into human kidney morphogenesis using stem cells Dr Nicholas Hamilton Delete | Edit | Detail