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QAAFI Science Seminar Series 28/02/17 12:00 Large Seminar Room (3.142), Level 3 Qld Bioscience Precinct Building 80, St Lucia Professor Robert Henry QAAFI:Where to next? Hannah Hardy Delete | Edit | Detail
QBI Neuroscience Seminar 28/02/17 15:30 Level 7 Auditorium Tong Wu Functional brain network study on wild type and DISC1 transgenic mice Deirdre Wilson Delete | Edit | Detail
ECR Seminar 01/03/17 15:00 Small Seminar Room 3.146 Alun Jones Working with LSD, Tobacco, Horse Racing, Venomous Creatures and Peptides, the Marvelous Mass Spectrometer. A journey to the start ECR committee- Jen Smith Delete | Edit | Detail
Molecular Biosciences Seminar 01/03/17 12:00 ABIN Seminar Room Dr Rebecca Coll Small molecule inhibitors of the inflammasome for the treatment of inflammatory diseases Marina Fortes Delete | Edit | Detail