*Seminar Series: QBI Neuroscience Seminar
*Location: QBI Auditorium
*Date: 20/09/2017
*Time: 11:00

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*Title of talk: Intronic nonsense: Why we should stop ignoring them?
*Speaker's name: Dr Justin Wong
*Speaker's organisation: University of Sydney
Speaker's city/state/country: NSW
Talk Abstract: Eukaryotic messenger RNAs (mRNAs) consist of coding regions called exons, separated by non-coding regions called introns. Under normal circumstances, introns are removed by a process called mRNA splicing, which allows joining together of exons to form mature mRNA transcripts, ready for protein translation. Retention of intron is traditionally viewed as a consequence of mis-splicing with little biological relevance. However, we and others have recently shown that intron retention is a widespread and conserved mechanism of gene expression control in normal cells. Aberrant intron retention is also implicated in diverse human disease. In this talk, I will highlight the functions of intron retention in normal biology and disease including those occurring in neuronal cells. I will also discuss my recent work concerning the control of intron retention via MeCP2-mediated splicing factor recruitment consequent to reduced DNA methylation.
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