*Seminar Series: IMB Seminar Series
*Location: QBP Auditorium, Bld 80
*Date: 01/09/2017
*Time: 12.30

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*Title of talk: 'Genetic risk factors for endometriosis'
*Speaker's name: Professor Grant Montgomery
*Speaker's organisation: Institute for Molecular Bioscience, UQ
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Talk Abstract: Endometriosis is a common hormone-dependent gynaecological disorder, associated with severe pelvic pain and reduced fertility. Ectopic lesions containing tissue resembling endometrium invade other tissues primarily in the pelvic cavity. The disease is influenced by genetic and environmental factors, but molecular mechanisms remain largely unknown. Our genetic studies have identified 19 independent signals in 14 genomic regions explaining 5% of the variance in endometriosis. Endometrium is the likely tissue of origin for cells initiating lesions, but understanding the functional consequences of genetic signals remains a challenge. Gene expression studies in the endometrium and chromatin conformation capture studies have identified target genes in three genomic regions.
Speaker's bio: Professor Gant Montgomery is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Professorial Research Fellow with joint appointments at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience and the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI). He completed PhD studies in Animal Science at Massey University in New Zealand and post-doctoral research in France. He moved to Australia in 1999 to take up a position at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research working in a successful program mapping genes for human complex disease. In 2016, he joined UQ continuing his research on the discovery of critical genes and pathways increasing risk for common diseases including endometriosis.

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*Host name: Professor Alpha Yap
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