*Seminar Series: Centre for Advanced Imaging
*Location: Centre for Advanced Imaging, Bld57
*Date: 29/08/2017
*Time: 09:30

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*Title of talk: Cell and Gene Therapies: are we there yet?
*Speaker's name: Professor John Rasko AO
*Speaker's organisation: Head of Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program, Centenary Institute Professor, Sydney Medical School, USyd
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Talk Abstract: Emerging cell and gene therapies designed to target the treatment of cancer require controlled development in compliance with safety, regulatory and GMP requirements. Since 2000 the Department of Cell & Molecular Therapies in Australia has undertaken early-phase clinical trials in haemophilia, thalassaemia, GVHD and haematological malignancies to be summarised. Since immunotherapies like CAR-T cells are manufactured for each individual patient using their own cells, this new type of medicinal presents novel challenges to be discussed.

While legitimate advances are being made in cellular immunotherapies, medical and, in particular, stem cell tourism has become a billion dollar industry with increasing examples of false claims. Unregulated, untested or unsafe stem cell 'therapies' place the field at a difficult crossroad. Blurring the lines that distinguish evidence-based stem cell therapies from those that are not remains a fundamental public health concern.
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