*Seminar Series: SCMB Chemistry Seminar
*Location: AIBN Seminar Room
*Date: 14/08/2017
*Time: 13:00

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*Title of talk: Mass Spectrometry Tools for Imaging
*Speaker's name: Dr Brett Hamilton
*Speaker's organisation: UQ Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis and Centre for Advanced Imaging
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Website: https://cmm.centre.uq.edu.au/profile/681/brett-hamilton
Talk Abstract: Mass Spectrometry has long been an important tool to investigate the components present in a wide range of samples. Recently approaches have been developed to measure analytes directly from tissue - giving rise to information regarding the spatial distribution of analytes within the tissue samples. Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) has now been applied to a wide variety of analyte classes, and has become a useful tool particularly to relate chemical components back to tissue morphology. Matrix assisted laser dissociation ionisation (MALDI) couple to time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers has been the most common configuration for IMS experiments due to the speed and sensitivity of TOF analysers, and relatively high spatial resolution achievable using MALDI. During this talk a number of examples of IMS experiments involving different analyte classes will be presented.
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*Host name: Elizabeth Krenske
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*Host email: e.krenske@uq.edu.au