*Seminar Series: QIMR Berghofer
*Location: Auditorium, Level 3, Central Building, QIMR Berghofer
*Date: 08/08/2017
*Time: 09:00

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*Title of talk: Study of liver fluke-induced cholangiocarcinogenesis links to the discovery of the therapeutic targets and biomarkers of cholangiocarcinoma
*Speaker's name: Associate Professor Watcharin Loilome
*Speaker's organisation: Khon Kaen University
Speaker's city/state/country: Thailand
Talk Abstract: Incidence of cholanglocarcinoma (CCA) in the northeastern part of Thailand is the highest in the world due to repeated and chronic infection with liver fluke (Opisthorchis viverrini), therefore our work mainly aims to identify the molecular mechanism underlying the genesis of CCA in order to find the targets for chemoprevention and treatment as well as
biomarkers for better disease diagnosis and prognosis. We profiled the activated kinases in CCA in order to apply them as the targets for CCA therapy. Human Phospho- receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and Phospho- kinase array analyses revealed that multiple kinases are activated in both CCA cell lines and human CCA tissues that included cell growth, apoptosis, cell to cell interaction, movement and angiogenesis RTKs. Predominately the kinases activated downstream were those in the PI3K/Akt, Ras/MAPK, JAK/STAT and Wnt/ β- catenin signaling pathways. Among them, an over activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway has been confirmed in human CCA tissues which corresponding results were observed. Beside the drug targets, laboratory results reveal that oxidative stress induced by Ov infection leads to biomolecule damage, tissue remodeling, especially the periductal fibrosis and alteration of gene expressions which could be involved in all steps of CCA carcinogenesis. Some of these molecules are reported to change their levels in patients with opisthorchiasis, periductal fibrosis diagnosed by ultrasonography and CCA. These molecules might serve as the multiple risk biomarkers for screening of the CCA risk group, especially the people who live in endemic areas where the prevalence of opisthorchiasis remains high.
Speaker's bio: Associate Prof Dr Watcharin Loilome obtained her BSc in Medical Technology with first class honors from the Faculty of Associated Medical Science, Khon Kaen University in 1999 and PhD in Medical Biochemistry under the supervision of Prof Dr Puangrat Yongvanit from Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand as a Royal Golden Jubilee PhD scholarship (RGJ-PhD) student in 2005. Dr Watcharin finished her postdoctoral training from Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, USA in 2009. Dr Watcharin has been focusing to identify the molecular mechanism underlying the genesis of the liver fluke infection- associated cholangiocarcinoma in order to find the targets for chemoprevention and treatment as well as the biomarkers for better disease diagnosis and prognosis.

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