*Seminar Series: IMB Seminar Series
*Location: QBP Auditorium, Bld 80
*Date: 18/08/2017
*Time: 12:30

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*Title of talk: Mitochondrial herniation and mtDNA release during cell death
*Speaker's name: Professor Benjamin Kile
*Speaker's organisation: Monash University
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Talk Abstract: Mitochondrial apoptosis is mediated by BAK and BAX, two proteins that oligomerise in the mitochondrial outer-membrane to induce permeabilization, leading to cytochrome-c efflux and activation of apoptotic caspases. Recent evidence indicates that, in the absence of active caspases, mitochondrial (mt) DNA triggers the innate immune cGAS/STING pathway, causing dying cells to secrete type I interferon. How cGAS gains access to mtDNA remains unclear, particularly since BAK/BAX are not thought to permeabilize the organelle's inner membrane. Using live-cell lattice light-sheet, 3D-structured illuminated and immunogold electron microscopy, we have now shown that BAK/BAX activation leads to mitochondrial inner-membrane herniation and release of mtDNA.
Speaker's bio: Professor Benjamin Kile
Ben is Head of the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. An NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Ben trained at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), where he obtained his PhD in 2001. After postdoctoral studies with Professor Monica Justice at Baylor College of Medicine in the USA, he returned to WEHI in 2004, establishing an independent research group in 2008. The Kile lab are focused on the molecular regulation of blood cell formation and function, with a particular interest in the role of cell death pathways in steady state and disease. They moved to Monash in April this year.

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