*Seminar Series: TGH Jones Memorial Lecture
*Location: QBI Auditorium (Level 7, Building 79)
*Date: 31/07/2017
*Time: 16:00

Speaker #1 details
*Title of talk: Inhibitors of HIV-1 Attachment: The Discovery of Temsavir and its Prodrug Fostemsavir
*Speaker's name: Dr Nicholas Meanwell
*Speaker's organisation: Executive Director, Department of Discovery Chemistry and Molecular Technologies, Bristol-Myers Squibb Research and Development
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Talk Abstract: Temsavir is a first-in-class inhibitor of HIV-1 attachment that is being developed as the phosphonooxymethyl prodrug. This presentation will describe the discovery of an initial lead by phenotypic screening and the optimization process leading to the discovery of temsavir. The rationale for pursuing a prodrug strategy and the profile of phosphonooxymethyl derivatives of lead compounds and temsavir will be described along with a synopsis of the development of an extended release formulation and phase 2b clinical data.
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*Host name: Elizabeth Krenske
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*Host email: e.krenske@uq.edu.au