*Seminar Series: SCMB Molecular Bioscience Seminar
*Location: AIBN Seminar Room
*Date: 24/05/2017
*Time: 12:00

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*Title of talk: Understanding the role of transcriptomic regulation in substance use traits
*Speaker's name: Professor Eske Derks
*Speaker's organisation: QIMR Berghofer
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Talk Abstract: Substance Use Disorders (SUD) are among the most prevalent and costly disorders in Australia.It is well established that the risk to develop SUD is influenced by genetic factors. Large-scaled genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of SUD have identified genetic risk markers, but the functional gene mechanisms have not yet been revealed for most variants. Therefore, the translation of GWAS findings to clinically useful applications is still limited. We hypothesize that the failure to translate GWAS results into actionable clinical targets is due to a lack of mechanistic understanding of the statistical genotype-phenotype associations. Describing the role of the transcriptome, i.e., the levels at which genes are expressed in human cells, is essential for understanding the causal impact of genetic variants on disease risk.
Speaker's bio: Professor Eske Derks is group leader in Translational Neurogenomics at QIMR Berghofer. She investigates the role of genetic factors in psychiatric conditions, including schizophrenia, addiction, anxiety disorders, and compulsive disorders. The ultimate aim of her research is to fully identify and understand the biological processes that result in a psychiatric condition, including the study of genetic variation, of differences in gene expression levels observed in brain and non-brain tissues, and of associations between genetic risk and brain anatomy.

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