*Seminar Series: Eureka prize in infectious disease seminar
*Location: Auditorium. Level 3, Central Building, QIMR Berghofer, Herston
*Date: 18/05/2017
*Time: 15:00

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*Title of talk: Malaria Parasites: Sex & Drugs
*Speaker's name: Professor Leann Tilley
*Speaker's organisation: University of Melbourne
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Talk Abstract: Plasmodium falciparum is the most virulent of malaria parasites, causing about 440,000 deaths per year. Moreover, emergence of resistance to the first-line antimalarial drug, artemisinin, is looming as a major global health crisis. In order to control malaria we need to overcome or circumvent artemisinin resistance and we need to target the sexual development phase, which is responsible for transmission.
Our lab believes that Convergence approaches are critical for solving major health problems such as malaria - complex problems that know no disciplinary boundaries. Our research uses a range of technologies from drug and protein chemistry to molecular cell biology, advanced imaging techniques and mathematical modelling. We are assisted by deep collaborations with experts from other disciplines.
The seminar will explore how pioneering imaging modalities such as Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy and 3D Electron Microscopy can provide insights into the workings of the malaria parasite. I will present work on changes in the parasite's cellular organisation that accompany the transformation to the sexual stage in preparation for transmission to a mosquito. I will discuss our detailed analyses of the responses of parasites to artemisinins, which underpin modelling approaches that provides insights into the nature of artemisinin action and resistance.
Speaker's bio: Professor Leann Tulley studied at Melbourne and Sydney Universities, and undertook postdoctoral fellowships at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and the College de France (Paris), before beginning her independent career. In 2015, she was awarded the Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship from the Australian Research Council to recognize her research on malaria pathogenesis and drug resistance.She was awarded the Australian Infectious Diseased Research Centre 2016: Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research. Her work has been also recognized by the Bancroft-Mackerras Medal from the Australian Society for Parasitology (2010), and the Beckman Coulter Discovery Award of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2011). She is President of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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*Host name: Ash Haque and Mark Schembri
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