*Seminar Series: Chemistry and Structural Biology Division Seminar
*Location: Seminar Room 3.142, QBP Bldg 80, UQ St Lucia
*Date: 11/05/2017
*Time: 12:30

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*Title of talk: Breast development, function and signal transduction
*Speaker's name: Dr Felicity Davis
*Speaker's organisation: School of Pharmacy, the University of Queensland
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Talk Abstract: The mammary gland undergoes cycles of growth, death and regeneration throughout reproductive life, a process that requires long-lived adult mammary stem cells. Whilst recent genetic fate-mapping studies, using promoters specific for either the luminal or basal epithelial cell lineages, have provided valuable insights into the mammary epithelial hierarchy, controversy still remains as to the true differentiation potential of adult mammary stem cells and whether there are distinct populations. As presumptive targets for transformation in breast cancer, the identity of adult mammary stem cells and the origin of luminal and basal cell lineages, have important implications for breast cancer. Here, I will discuss recent results from neutral, single cell lineage-tracing studies which revealed the immense capacity of a single, unipotent mammary stem cell to contribute to pubertal and gestational breast development. I will also discuss how the intracellular calcium signal exquisitely controls oxytocin-mediated milk expulsion during lactation.
Speaker's bio: Dr Felicity Davis is an NHMRC CJ Martin Early Career Fellow from the UQ School of Pharmacy and the Mater Research Institute. She received her PhD in Cancer Biology from The University of Queensland in 2012, before completing more than four years postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (USA) and the University of Cambridge (UK). She has led pioneering studies into the normal development and function of the breast and the perturbations that give rise to breast cancer. Felicity received the NIH/NIEHS Martin Rodbell Award and the ASCEPT Denis Wade J&J Award for her work on oxytocin signalling in the breast epithelium during lactation.

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