*Seminar Series: SCMB Chemistry Seminar
*Location: AIBN Seminar Room
*Date: 08/05/2017
*Time: 13:00

Speaker #1 details
*Title of talk: Diverse bacterial monooxygenase systems for selective chemical oxidations
*Speaker's name: A/Prof. Stephen Bell
*Speaker's organisation: University of Adelaide
Speaker's city/state/country: SA
Website: https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/stephen.bell
Talk Abstract: With the increasing number of sequenced microbial genomes the array of available bacterial enzymes is expanding and diversifying. We are involved in the isolation and characterisation of monooxygenase enzymes with the aims of better understanding their mechanism of action and their application as, for example, biocatalysts for chemical reactions. Part of the talk will focus on an enzyme from the bacterium Novosphingobium aromaticivorans, from the same family as the archetypal P450cam, which can catalyse the selective oxidation of broad range of substrates including terpenoids, aromatics and cycloalkanes. The talk will also contain work on the iron-sulphur cluster ferredoxins from a Mycobacterium species. These electron transfer partners play an essential role in facilitating P450 enzyme catalysis. The ferredoxins of interest are unusual in that they contain non-cysteine amino acids in their cluster binding motif. These P450/ferredoxin systems are found in many bacteria, where they have a functional role supporting the secondary metabolism of these microbes.
Speaker's bio: Dr Stephen Bell, Department of Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences, University of Adelaide. Dr Bell's interests span aspects of biocatalysis, enzyme mechanism and protein structure and function with a focus on heme proteins and iron-sulphur clusters. The group studies a range of proteins from a range of diverse bacteria.

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