*Seminar Series: SCMB Molecular Bioscience
*Location: AIBN Seminar Room (Bldg 75)
*Date: 19/04/2017
*Time: 12:00

Speaker #1 details
*Title of talk: Biology at the nanoscale, one molecule at a time
*Speaker's name: Prof Antoine van Oijen
*Speaker's organisation: School of Chemistry, University of Wollongong
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Talk Abstract: Our group is interested in combining fluorescence imaging approaches with molecular manipulation techniques to study biological processes at the single-molecule level. By recording 'molecular movies' of individual enzymes we hope to gain new insight into reaction dynamics and mechanisms. In a biological context, most of these enzymes function in concert with other enzymes in multi-protein complexes, so an important direction is the utilization of single-molecule techniques to unravel the orchestration of large macromolecular assemblies. I will discuss recent results of single-molecule studies of the protein machineries responsible for DNA replication and repair. We visualize the dynamic behavior of replication complexes during replication, inside living cells and in reconstituted systems, their interplay with repair proteins, and unravel mechanistic working principles that challenge aspects of the existing textbook view of replication.
Speaker's bio: Antoine van Oijen is a Distinguished Professor and ARC Laureate Fellow in the School of Chemistry at the University of Wollongong. Having led research groups at Harvard Medical School and Groningen University, he recently moved to Wollongong to establish a research cluster focusing on molecular biophysics, where physics, chemistry and biology meet to answer fundamental questions on how proteins work.

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