*Seminar Series: QBI Neuroscience Seminar
*Location: Level 7 Auditorium
*Date: 12/04/2017
*Time: 11:00

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*Title of talk: Bio-inspired Strategies for Autonomous Aerial Navigation, Guidance and Interception
*Speaker's name: Reuben Strydom
*Speaker's organisation: Queensland Brain Institute University of Queensland
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Talk Abstract: It is evident that Nature has evolved elegant solutions to perform complex tasks. Indeed, insects have developed impressive dexterity in Navigation, Guidance and Interception, and these principles may hold the key for a unmanned aircraft with greater autonomy. This presentation outlines the key thesis contributions for a number of biologically inspired principles for autonomous aerial Navigation, Guidance and Interception.
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*Host name: Deirdre Wilson
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*Host email: d.wilson5@uq.edu.au