*Seminar Series: IMB Seminar Series
*Location: QBP Auditorium, Bld 80
*Date: 28/04/2017
*Time: 12:30

Speaker #1 details
*Title of talk: K-Ras membrane anchoring: new twists in an old tale
*Speaker's name: Prof John F. Hancock
*Speaker's organisation: University of Texas Health Science Center
Speaker's city/state/country: Houston
Talk Abstract: Ras proteins are small, membrane-localized GTPases that regulate cell proliferation and differentiation. Three highly homologous Ras isoforms, H-, N- and K-Ras are ubiquitously expressed in mammalian cells and are present in mutated activated state in 15% of all human tumors. Ras must localize to the plasma membrane in order to function. Our recent work has examined how different Ras proteins select and sort highly specific phospholipids into plasma membrane signaling platforms, how these transient lipid assemblies impact signal transmission and in consequence how the lipid composition of the plasma membrane can operate as high-level regulator of Ras signal transmission. These recent observations suggest new approaches to inhibit oncogenic Ras signaling that are the basis of our translational program for anti K-Ras drugs.
Speaker's bio: John F. Hancock is Chairman of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, the John S. Dunn Distinguished University Chair in Physiology and Medicine, Executive Director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine and Vice-Dean for basic research at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He was formerly Deputy Director of the IMB and Research Director of Onyx Pharmaceuticals in California. He read Natural Sciences and Medicine at Cambridge University from 1975-1981 and trained in internal medicine and hematology at major London teaching hospitals. His research since he began his PhD in 1986 has been focused on Ras proteins.

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