*Seminar Series: IMB ECR Seminar
*Location: Small Seminar Room 3.146
*Date: 01/03/2017
*Time: 15:00

Speaker #1 details
*Title of talk: Working with LSD, Tobacco, Horse Racing, Venomous Creatures and Peptides, the Marvelous Mass Spectrometer. A journey to the start
*Speaker's name: Alun Jones
*Speaker's organisation: IMB
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Speaker's bio: Alun graduated from UWIST (University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology) and worked in the Chemistry Department for Prof Dai Games. After 5 years, Alun went to work at British American Tobacco Research Group at Southampton, UK, characterizing natural and synthetic flavor components in tobacco. From BAT, Alun moved to Hazelton (Covance) in Harrogate, UK, as a Senior Study Director in Bio-Analytical Group. After Hazelton, he worked at Mann Testing Laboratories, Toronto, Canada, as a Group Leader in Drug Testing in horses and humans plus Group Leader in Environmental and Crop Testing. He then moved to Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, as a Research Technician in peptide analysis and afterwards, worked at The Scripps Research Institute where he characterized peptides, proteins and natural products. Alun moved back to Australia and has been at the IMB, 3D Centre since 1991.

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*Host name: ECR committee- Jen Smith
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*Host email: jennifer.smith@imb.uq.edu.au