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IMB Seminar Series

Date/Time: Friday 28th April 2017 12:30

Location: QBP Auditorium, Bld 80

Title of talk: K-Ras membrane anchoring: new twists in an old tale
Speaker's name: Prof John F. Hancock
Speaker's organisation: University of Texas Health Science Center
Talk abstract: Ras proteins are small, membrane-localized GTPases that regulate cell proliferation and differentiation. Three highly homologous Ras isoforms, H-, N- and K-Ras are ubiquitously expressed in mammalian cells and are present in mutated activated state in 15% of all human tumors. Ras must localize to the plasma membrane in order to function. Our recent work has examined how different Ras proteins select and sort highly specific phospholipids into plasma membrane signaling platforms, how these transient lipid assemblies impact signal transmission and in consequence how the lipid composition of the plasma membrane can operate as high-level regulator of Ras signal transmission. These recent observations suggest new approaches to inhibit oncogenic Ras signaling that are the basis of our translational program for anti K-Ras drugs.

Host name: Prof Rob Parton
Host phone number: 62032
Host email:

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UQ Centre for Cardiac and Vascular Biology Launch

Date/Time: Tuesday 2nd May 2017 17:15

Location: Customs House

Title of talk: UQ Centre for Cardiac and Vascular Biology Launch
Speaker's name: Various Speakers
Speaker's organisation: Various

When: 6.00pm, Tuesday 2 May
Drinks and canap├ęs from 5.15 - 6.00pm

Ground-breaking research to build new hearts and mend broken ones

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disease burden in Australia.

It affects more than three million people, claims one life every 12 minutes and costs Australia approximately $7.9 billion annually.

Join us to hear from a dynamic team of researchers who are using discovery science to regenerate damaged cardiovascular tissues and mend broken hearts.

Host name: The University of Queensland
Host phone number: 33462110
Host email:

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ECR Seminar

Date/Time: Thursday 27th April 2017 15:00

Location: Small Seminar Room 3.146

Title of talk: ECR Career Development/Facility Intro Seminar Series
Speaker's name: Dr. Jane Fitzpatrick
Speaker's organisation: Australian National Fabrication Facility-Queensland
Talk abstract: Dr Jane Fitzpatrick is the Facility Manager of the Queensland Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF-Q) and provides expert support for researchers both in industry and academia on a national and international level. Jane's unique skill set sees her merging science with business development and operations management in the exciting new field of 3D printing. She has a background in biotechnology where she worked in industry and academia, including a 3 year spell with the innovative biotech start-up company Cleveland Biosensors. She is also focused on the development and support of women in science and was Vice-President and Biotech Chapter Chair of Women in Technology for 4 years until 2014.

Host name: ECR committee- Jen Smith
Host email:

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Genomics of Development and Disease

Date/Time: Thursday 27th April 2017 11:00

Location: Level 3 Large seminar room

Title of talk: Targeting apoptosis as a novel therapy for medulloblastoma
Speaker's name: Pengxiang ji
Speaker's organisation: Wainwright Laboratory

Title of talk: Defining early valve development in the zebrafish
Speaker's name: Vanessa Raileanu
Speaker's organisation: Smith Laboratory

Host name: Laura Genovesi
Host email:

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Chemistry Seminar

Date/Time: Monday 24th April 2017 13:00

Location: AIBN Seminar Room

Title of talk: Improving drug delivery to heterogeneous breast tumours
Speaker's name: Dr Kara Perrow
Speaker's organisation: University of Wollongong
Talk abstract: Cancer is characterised by intertumoural and intratumoural heterogeneity. Molecular targeting of a single cancer biomarker in therapy often leads to patient relapse due to the expansion of remaining target negative cells. Liposomes have emerged as a useful drug delivery system to reduce systemic toxicity of chemotherapeutics, and dual functionalised liposomes offer increased active targeting of multiple tumour cell populations and therefore the potential to increase efficacy by eradicating a greater number of cancer cells within a heterogeneous population. Recent research by our group and others has identified a population of cells within the HER2 positive breast cancer subtype that concomitantly express the urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR), a key facilitator of metastasis. We propose that this uPAR positive subtype may be partially responsible for the failure of HER2 targeted treatment strategies and hypothesize that targeting both uPAR and HER2 on cancer cells may provide a means to overcome therapeutic resistance. Despite the longstanding existence of liposome technology, there have been no functionalised liposome formulations approved for clinical use. This lack of translation may be due in part to the lack of molecular tools available for the robust quantification of protein on the surface of functionalised liposomes. Here we quantify two proteins targeting uPAR and HER2 attached to the surface of small unilamellar liposomes using single molecule fluorescence microscopy techniques in order to develop next gen targeted cancer therapies with the aim of overcoming intratumoural heterogeneity.

Other Details: Anybody wishing to meet with Dr Perrow may contact Elizabeth Krenske

Host name: Elizabeth Krenske
Host email:

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QBI Seminar

Date/Time: Wednesday 26th April 2017 11:00

Location: QBI, Level 7 Auditorium

Title of talk: Connecting health economics and brain research
Speaker's name: Professor Brenda Gannon
Speaker's organisation: The Centre for Business and Economics of Health University of Queensland

Host name: Deirdre Wilson
Host email:

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Chemistry and Structural Biology Division Seminar

Date/Time: Thursday 27th April 2017 12:30

Location: Seminar Room 3.142, QBP Bldg 80, UQ St Lucia

Title of talk: New targets for the treatment of burns pain
Speaker's name: Dr Michael Morgan
Speaker's organisation: IMB Centre for Pain Research
Talk abstract: Burns injury is a traumatic event that results in both acute and chronic pain conditions. Current treatments for burns pain have limited efficacy often accompanied by significant side effects. In this talk I will discuss different approaches we have taken to identify new pharmacological targets for burns pain using a clinically relevant mouse model established at the Centre for Pain Research.

Title of talk: Targeting inflammation in mouse models of liver fibrosis
Speaker's name: Dr Ken Loh
Speaker's organisation: IMB Centre for Inflammation and Disease Research (CIDR)
Talk abstract: Chronic liver disease is a worldwide health problem for which there is a need for effective therapies. Inflammation is a hallmark of all stages of chronic liver disease, regardless of its viral, alcoholic, fatty or autoimmune origin. The Centre for Inflammation and Disease Research is investigating mechanistic links between inflammation and liver fibrosis using different mouse models and therapeutic approaches to prevent and treat liver injury, inflammation and fibrosis.

Host name: Prof Richard Lewis
Host email:

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1 Day Workshop - Single Cell Droplet Microfluidics & scRNA Seq

Date/Time: Thursday 4th May 2017 10:00

Location: 3.141 Multi Media Room

Title of talk: Single Cell Droplet Microfluidics & scRNA Seq - Dolomite Bio
Speaker's name: Mr Mark Gilligan
Speaker's organisation: Chairman and CEO of Blacktrace

Title of talk: Single Cell Droplet Microfluidics & scRNA Seq - Dolomite Bio
Speaker's name: Ms Nadia Shakir
Speaker's organisation: Applications Scientist, Dolomite Bio

Host name: Dr Joseph Powell
Host email:

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Cell Biology Forum

Date/Time: Wednesday 26th April 2017 09:00

Location: Large Seminar Room QBP

Title of talk: Rational computational design of protein binders for biosensor and therapeutic applications
Speaker's name: Jake Parker
Speaker's organisation: IMB (Alexandrov lab)

Host name: Brett Collins
Host email:

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Cell Biology Forum

Date/Time: Wednesday 3rd May 2017 09:00

Location: Large Seminar Room QBP Building

Title of talk: Rho Signalling at Cell-Cell Junctions during Collective Cell Migration
Speaker's name: Shafali Gupta
Speaker's organisation: IMB (Yap lab)

Title of talk: Elimination of apoptotic epithelial cells
Speaker's name: Kinga Duszyc
Speaker's organisation: IMB (Yap lab)

Host name: Brett Collins
Host email:

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Brisbane Developmental Biology Seminar Series

Date/Time: Wednesday 26th April 2017 13:00

Location: Large Seminar Room, Level 3, QBP

Title of talk: Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology to identify novel cell death regulators for cancer therapy
Speaker's name: Dr Marco Herold
Speaker's organisation: Walter+Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Reserach

Host name: Nathan Palpant
Host email: